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The Africa Community Internet Program (ACIP is an initiative of the Africa and global Community Internet Program (pronounced ‘A sip.” Our goal is to provide everyone anywhere with at least ‘a sip of Internet.

The Africa Community Internet Program (ACIP) is a groundbreaking initiative committed to bringing the power of the internet to remote and rural communities across Africa. We believe in a future where every African community can independently operate their own decentralized Internet services, fostering sustainable development and empowerment.

Our Mission & Vison


Empowering communities across Africa to embrace the digital age by providing access, education, and resources necessary to operate their own decentralized internet services. We aim to bridge the digital divide and stimulate sustainable development, transforming lives and fostering innovation at the grassroots level.


To create a future where every African community has the capability and knowledge to independently manage and utilize their own community-driven internet services. Through collaboration, education, and inclusive technology, we strive to unlock the potential of every individual and community, thus contributing to a digitally empowered Africa.

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ACIP Leadership

Our Team

Wisdom Donker

Wisdom Donkor

Steering Committee

Wisdom Donkor currently work with the Africa Open Data and Internet Research Foundation's (AODORF) as the Executive Director.

Dr. Lee McKnight

Steering Committee

Lee W.McKnight is an Associate Professor in the iSchool (The School of Information Studies), Syracuse University, Faculty Advisor to...


Dr. Danielle Smith

Steering Committee

Professor Danielle Taana Smith is currently the Director of the Renee Crown University Honors Program, a Professor of African...

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We are proud to collaborate with leading organizations and institutions in our quest for a digitally connected Africa.

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