Community Request

Digital empowerment and community development.

At the Africa Community Internet Program, we prioritize the needs and aspirations of communities in remote and rural areas. We invite communities to request our support in bringing the transformative power of the internet to their doorstep. By making a request, you take the first step toward digital empowerment and community development.

ACIP digital empowerment and community development.

How to Request Support

1. Contact Us

Reach out to us by filling out our Community Request Form. Provide us with the essential details about your community and your specific needs regarding internet access and digital literacy

2. Needs Assessment

Our team will review your request and conduct a needs assessment to understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by your community. This assessment will help us tailor our approach to best suit your situation.

3. Collaborative Planning

We believe in a collaborative approach. After assessing your needs, we'll work closely with your community leaders and stakeholders to co-create a customized plan that aligns with your goals and resources.

4. Deployment and Training

 Once the plan is agreed upon, we'll proceed with deploying the necessary resources, such as Internet Backpacks and training materials. Our team will conduct training sessions to ensure your community maximizes the benefits of the internet.

5. Ongoing Support and Evaluation

We value long-term relationships. After implementation, we'll continue to support your community, monitor progress, and provide assistance to address any emerging needs or challenges.

What You Can Request

Internet Access Solutions:

Request assistance in setting up community internet access through our Internet Backpack initiative, enabling connectivity even in the most remote areas.

Digital Literacy Training

Request training programs and workshops to enhance digital skills and knowledge within your community, fostering digital inclusion and economic opportunities.

Educational Resources

Request educational materials and resources to support schools and educational initiatives in your community, promoting learning and growth.

Healthcare and Information Access:

Request resources that enable access to essential healthcare information and services, improving the overall well-being of the community